Review Of The Vivo Y73 And The Samsung Galaxy S II


Recently, Samsung and Vivo launched their brand new Vivo Yonder Series. It comes packed with many features and capacities. The main flagship of this series is the Vivo Ypire. However, there are several other models that have been launched in the market as well. In this article, I would like to highlight some of the best selling smartphones that come packed with high resolutions, stunning looks, impressive pricing and advanced software options. vivo y73

Samsung Galaxy Mega II – Coming up with the first smartphone with the company’s Exynos device family, Samsung’s new flagship called the Galaxy Mega II comes with an impressive feature set including a stunning 5.1 inch Super AMOLED capacitive display along with the efficient Hi Touch keyboard that also doubles up as a fingerprint scanner. The phone has a nice dual camera setup with two major recording variants namely the front and rear cameras. Apart from the two cameras, the phone also comes loaded with several other functions including: Gesture sensor, SOS button, Battery optimization and several customizations. The price of the phone is a bit on the higher side, but the technology inside the gadget is excellent and the software makes it one of the most powerful smartphone available in the market today.

Vivo Yote – Coming up with the second largest smartphone in the Vivo Y Series, the Vivo Yote packs in plenty of features that will amaze any user. It comes loaded with high definition videos and images, it comes with Samsung’s famous Gear support and also has one of the biggest memory storage capacities of all mobiles coming up with a staggering 2GB. You can get more storage from the Vivo Yote if you buy it with contract. A neat feature with this handset is the virtual keyboard which makes using the phone easy even for a person who has no real typing skills.

The camera setup of the Vivo Y73 is pretty impressive as well. The phone comes with two cameras on each side of the phone. One having a normal lens and the other having a mega optical lens. The optical lens has a resolution of 6 megapixels, which makes it way ahead of the competition.

The Samsung ZenFone Y uses the Android operating system based on Kit Kat. It has been pre-installed with many useful features including: Google Now, Samsung Internet (pre-installed in all of their smartphones), Samsung KNOX, and Health Check. This makes it very easy to use the phone as you do not need any other add-ons or add-on software to make your browsing and social networking experience better. The only thing lacking is an application that can truly integrate with Google Now or the other three apps but there are plenty of them that have already been launched. You can download various games, videos and ring tones from the Play Store and enjoy. The Vivo Y73 can also support the Bluetooth 2.1 technology so that you can transfer the data from your PC to the phone and vice versa.

The battery life of this smartphone is quite impressive. It lasts till 10 hours and the screen is able to show a lot of bright icons. It has a high resistance to water and the touch screen is very responsive to touch. The phone runs on a main battery for most of its life and then uses the built-in charger to charge the battery to full whenever necessary. The built in memory of the Yanta smartphone can store around fifty percent of the total memory space which helps it to save a lot of files and data. All in all, the ZenFone Y and the Vivo Y73 are two phones that can easily serve as a good combination mobile phone and a multimedia player.

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